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Version 5.34 Available...

Postby dexter » Thu May 10, 2007 7:06 pm

There have been several new features and many many small enhancements and bug fixes since 5.33. For those who want to hear the highlights before you download:

- New Internet Search feature for searching posts on Usenet instead of just searching previously downloaded headers. You can still search your stored headers, just select "Local" instead of "Internet" on the Search tab. The Internet Search is free for now, and limited to a handful of searches per day. We plan to charge for this as a new service soon.

- AutoRAR will now automatically decode a completed RAR set as long as there were no errors. It isn't working 100% yet but it is nice when it does work. Full automatic correction and decode is planned for the next version.

- New Security Features that allow you to password protect NewsBin startup, or entering various configuration screens.

- Pause and Speed Limit Timers to unpause or resume full speed after a specified period of time.

- Delete key now removes files from the Files list but not from disk. Use Shift-Delete to remove from the Files list and from disk.

- Now runs in a more simple 2 pane configuration by default. When upgrading from 5.33 or before, your tab and window positions should be retained. If it isn't, you can still manually reconfigure it to 3 pane mode.

A very long list which tracks all changes throught the entire beta cycle is displayed when you install/upgrade to 5.34. The download link is available in the Release Notes
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