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NewsBin Version 5.40 Pre-Release

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:50 pm
by dexter
Version 5.40 has been in development for the last 8 months and is very close to final release. We have removed the Beta status which means new users can now try version 5.40. Since only registered users have been doing the testing, we are open to hear feedback from new users now.

The main improvements over version 5.35 are:
  • AutoPAR - automatically repairs damaged file sets that are posted with PAR files and automatically decodes into the final file or files.
  • Post Handling - now uses a database that allows faster loading of stored headers from disk and faster searching when using the Search function in Local mode.
  • Reduction in memory requirements for downloading multipart posts.
  • Performance improvements for posting files.
  • Overall improved reliability and stability.
The full history of changes since version 5.35 and the download link are in the Release Notes.

Please report any issues through our Technical Support Form.