4.1 Beta 12 Release

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4.1 Beta 12 Release

Postby dexter » Sun May 04, 2003 6:28 pm

We were trying really hard NOT to have a release on April 1. For all you paranoid people out there, we are not playing any April Fools jokes. This is a final release candidate for 4.1. It has some cleanup stuff and we fixed an esoteric bug with TCP window sizes. Registered users will go through an automatic key upgrade process. Be sure to restart NewsBin when this completes or you will see the nag screen. Read more about this release and download it here.</font> If you are in search of technical support, our forums offer a wealth of information and many friendly NewsBin users to help you out. The author of NewsBin actively participates as well. This is available to all users, registered or not. Stop by and see what the NewsBin Community is up to.</font>
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