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Interesting find using Wine on OSX for Newsbin

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:20 pm
by murlin99
It was not too hard to get newsbin to run on a mac in Wine. But a warning to others who may be doing this. I noticed that my hard drive space was getting lower and lower no matter what I did to clean up the drive. After some hair pulling and a bit of research into the file system layout on my mac I found that when newsbin would delete the RAR files after decompressing they were not going to the osx trash. They were being stored in a .local folder under my user account... Everything that I had downloaded and newsbin had uncompressed for about the last year was in there. They were all useable and I could have unrared them all again if I had wanted to. I cleared this folder out and cleared up 63GB of HD space.

This has nothing to do with newsbin, it has to do with the way Wine handles those kinds of deletions. Just FYI for anyone running newsbin in wine on osx.

And yes I HAD to bring Newsbin Pro to my MAC with me in any way possible. It is still the best newsgroup reader by far, truthfully the only shareware program that I ever paid for and it was worth every cent. To be truthful I tried to crack it and did succeed on one version, but you guys are slick and it quit working after a few days. At that point I said "These guys are very dedicated and have a wonderful product Im just going to buy it." And I am so glad I did even 8 years later.

Re: Interesting find using Wine on OSX for Newsbin

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:38 pm
by Quade
I'm going to guess it's set to delete to recycle bin. You can disable that in the autopar options.

Good information too.