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Is there a way to IGNORE characters, not FILTER them?

PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:02 pm
by PartyRambo
In some of the media groups (abmm) there's a lot of posts by the group with subject headers like:

[33472]-[FULL]-[#a.b.teevee@EFNet]-[ title...]

I'd like to have the list ignore the

"[33472]-[FULL]-[#a.b.teevee@EFNet]-[ "
and JUST look at the "title..." when sorting (I'd prefer to not even SEE the prefix, but I expect that's asking too much).
<EDIT> I know I can check off "show filenames" but I still would like to see the descriptions.

so it would sort alphabetically, correctly - especially if I'm catching up on a couple of weeks and want to see all episodes of shows, sorted together.

Is there an expression that will let NB SORT in a custom way, rather than FILTER OUT posts?