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newsleecher dead

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:24 am
by TMM
according to several reports newsleecher is completely dead which comes as no surprise given their absence and lack of updates to the software/application while I personally never used the program I would encourage any stranded users to seek refuge here are you postponing to capitalise on the demise of newsleecher possibly by offering some of the discount either way as stated before I encourage everyone to climb on board and save themselves from drowning in the pit fossilising tile
please note I use speech recognition software due to the fact that I have cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegic it is not always 100% accurate so I apologise for any spelling/grammar errors and if so I hope somebody understand my convoluted message believe me if I could use my hands to type I would but sadly that is a frustrating time consuming process given item in the use one finger at the time to type but that is neither here nor there keep up the good work Paul