Image Database Issue?

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Image Database Issue?

Postby swizzley » Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:47 pm

Running 6.81 Build 5080, and having some issues with the image database.

1. The biggest issue, when I delete images from the database, it doesn't actually remove them from the sfe file. Those images are gone from the view in Newsbin, and I can see the date/time for last modified on the database file changes on my computer, but the file size doesn't change. In fact, just to test this I deleted ALL of the images from several of the databases, and those files on my computer are still several hundred mb's in size indicating the data is still in the sfe file, just no longer being displayed.

2. I have it set to "Only save image to DB" but it's still saving a copy of the image in the downloads folder?

Are there any other viewers/editors for images saved in a sfe database like this? I love the fact that it saves the meta data with the images (post title, date/time) but wish there were options for a slide show, random order, etc.
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Re: Image Database Issue?

Postby Quade » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:56 pm

Database files only grow, they never shrink without you manually shrinking them so, when you delete files, the space is freed up inside the database ready to be re-used but it's not returned to the disk. Any graphical Sqlite tools should be able to compact the database once you delete files. SFE files are just Sqlite databases.

I'm going to have to check 6.82 for you because even if there is a bug on 6.81, the only possible solution is to upgrade. I am working on a 6.83 so, now is a good time to fix any imagedb problems.

I do have an internal use viewer for SFE files. I wouldn't mind letting you use it. Let me see how hard it is to package up.
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