Loss of partialy downloaded files due to power loss?

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Loss of partialy downloaded files due to power loss?

Postby Moondawgie » Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:19 pm

With Newsbin Pro Version 6.0b6, what happens to partially downloaded files when the computer is turned off?

Last night, after having downloaded the first 580 parts of a 600 part 12GB file, my neighborhood experienced what turned out to be a 10 hour power failure. My computer is runs off of a battery backup unit, and the battery backup system automatically kicked in as it is supposed to. While on backup power, I paused Newsbin, saved the configuration (CTRL-S), closed Newsbin, and shutdown my computer. This morning, after power was restored, I restarted my computer, and NewsBin Pro (Version 6.0b6 Build 870). The first thing I noticed is that the multi-part file I had been downloading still appears in the download list, but that Newsbin was starting the download of that file from scratch as though it had never downloaded the first 580 parts ( 0 / 12.13GB). What happened to the 580 parts?

I'm running a 64 bit installation of Windows 7 Ultimate with 4GB of RAM, with 70% of my 2TB hard drive available.

Back in November, my ISP starting capping my cable internet service at 100GB per month, with no provision for the purchase of additional "bandwidth". So the loss of 12GB files is going to be an ongoing problem.

Other than this particular behavior, and my continuing hope that downloaded files determined to be duplicates to previously downloaded files be marked as idle/old, and that the posts list will eventually be sortable based on status, I'm very appreciative of what has been accomplished thus far with Newsbin 6. Thank you for your continuing support and development of a very useful product.
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