Modify search string list...or something else...

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Modify search string list...or something else...

Postby Enlade » Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:23 pm

Well, its that time of year again. Thought I would bring this back up as an issue. I don't know of anything that would be more helpful to me then for me to be able to easilly manage my search string list. I probably have 20-30 regular search strings that change slightly each week (you can probably guess why). This list is helpful for me to keep track of those things that interest me and where I was last time I downloaded something from that list. As it is I have to do dummy, wasteful, searches (using up your search engine bandwidth) just to move things around on that search list and to keep my important regular searches from falling off the end of the list (lost forever). What would be really nice is some more permanant solution where a permanant search list can be set up and maintained so that all of the regular search strings arn't lost, but at the very least it would be helpful to be able to modify the current search list (move strings around and maybe edit them would be all that is needed...move around would be good enough though). Again, I have a large number of reasons why this is a good idea that I can list out here, but I think you have heard them all before so I will try not to bore anyone with the details. The point is that there is nothing else that you could do to make my life easier (using newsgroups) than to allow me to track my regular search strings, and it seems like a fairly simply thing to the work to benifit of such a thing is pretty huge.
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