Problems with RC2

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Problems with RC2

Postby Gedracon » Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:39 pm


I currently have two problems with the newsbin version 6.

1.) When i try to update from the different beta versions to a newer version the installer always freezes during the update of the language.dll (since rc2 it tries to download the file and the freeze occurs at 100% download). I always need to unistall the version (keeping the configuration and temp-files) before i can update the version.

I think this is because i had 5.59 before which had a german language pack installed, but i swichted the language back to english before i did an update to version 6. With installation of rc2 the language changed back to german. Is there anything i can do except a full uninstall because i don't want to delete my config etc.

2.) The other problem is that the programm doesn't save its download progress. For example i got a set of 75 files and 12 par-files in the download list. Now I start the download and newsbin downloads 20 files and the main par (the files are marked as downloaded). When i close newsbin and reopen it all files are marked as idle and the download restarts. But newsbin seems to recognize that the files where downloaded before but it takes up to 30 seconds per file, afterwards the get marked as downloaded and some of the files weren't recognized and downloaded once again. The checkbox to save the downlodlist on exit was always enabled. Anything i can do to solve this problem?

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