Crashes, long load times, uses loads of memory

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Crashes, long load times, uses loads of memory

Postby shompa » Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:17 pm

First: I love newsbin and recommend it to everyone. I have used NNTP servers since 1994, and this is the best program.

Win7 ultimate, ExtremeEdition i7 4.4 ghz, 6gig memory, dual SSD root with newsbin datafiles, dual harddrive for decoded news articles. 16megabit download speed.
Newsbin 6.0RC1.

I have about 200K items in my download list. In V5 when you started newsbin it started to download direct. In V6 the program start to load my download list before it starts to download. 45-60 min of loading the download list before it starts to download. Can this be changed?

If you start to download loads of small things like pictures, newsbin crashes. Not fun to restart newsbin since it takes 45-60 minutes before it starts to download.

According to Resource monitor Newsbin uses over 14 gig memory. It takes all my real memory (about 5.5 gig). I guess the reason is a big download list. Can't it be compressed somehow?

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Re: Crashes, long load times, uses loads of memory

Postby Quade » Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:42 pm

By my calculation, you must have close to 60 TB queued up for download. That's a shitload of data. Well beyond anything I've ever tested.

I'd suggest sending data to a "Custom Lists" instead of the download list or actually download down, the size of your download list some before adding more. Custom Lists won't use any RAM until you load one. You're going to have to figure out the practical limits to the download list.

There might be a way to reduce RAM usage but, it's not going to be in the first 6 release.
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