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File Grouping

Postby cathaven » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:22 am

NBP automatically groups related files, so that you have to click the + on the left to see the individual contents. It seems to work well with Par2 files. On the other hand, I'm often finding I have to expand the grouped files list for many binary posters, because the related files don't get grouped under the correct header. For instance...

+First Interesting Post.par2

will give

-First Interesting Post.par2
First Interesting Post.00+1.PAR2
First Interesting Post.00+2.PAR2
First Interesting Post.00+4.PAR2

On the other hand, the files the par2s refer to, if they can be found at all come out like this...

+First Interesting Post - Whatever.mp3

which expands to something like this...

-First Interesting Post - Whatever.mp3
First Interesting Post - Who Knows.mp3
First Interesting Post - Guess What.mp3
First Interesting Post - Whatever.mp3
First Interesting Post - Maybe Not.mp3
First Interesting Post - Whatever Next.mp3
Totally unrelated Post - Who.mp3
Totally unrelated Post - What.mp3
Totally unrelated Post - Why.mp3
Totally unrelated Post - Where.mp3
Totally unrelated Post - When.mp3
Totally unrelated Post - WTF.mp3
Yet Another Unrelated Post - One.mp3
Yet Another Unrelated Post - Four.mp3
Yet Another Unrelated Post - Five.mp3
Yet Another Unrelated Post - Six.mp3
Yet Another Unrelated Post - Seven.mp3
Yet Another Unrelated Post - Eight.mp3

The par2 files for the unrelated posts will appear separately, as expected, but you may not even see the files the par2s pertain to without expanding every post that poster made that day. Many individual files will be listed in more than one place, but the links are for the same file, as if you download one, all the various listings for it are also marked downloaded. Also, as I've indicated above, not every file will appear under every grouped heading. The title the grouping uses appears to be a random one selected from any of the files included.

I've used mp3 in my example as this is where you'll most easily find examples of the problem.

Is it possible to disable this grouping feature? I've searched through the options, but so far failed to find any way of shutting it off.
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Re: File Grouping

Postby Quade » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:54 am

What version are you using? There should be no grouping of non-RAR's and QPMS files (.001,.002...).

How about PMing me a specific example?
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