data|doeanload space low - how to clear, or move?

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data|doeanload space low - how to clear, or move?

Postby JesseKnows » Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:29 am


Here is a long time user, thanking you again for a great product.

My system is running low on space on the system drive. In the bottom of the main window the "Data|Download" value is getting low.
Is there a way to compact/clear out this storage?
Is there a way to direct the program to use a different drive or mount point for this purpose rather than the system drive?


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Re: data|doeanload space low - how to clear, or move?

Postby Quade » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:41 am

If you copy the data folder to some other drive and folder then mount it on the old data folder position, that would work.

The alternative is more complicated.

1 - Exit Newsbin
2 - Copy the data folder to the other drive.
3 - Edit the NBI file with wordpad and change the paths that point to the old drive to point to the new driver.
4 - Double-click the changed NBI on the new drive to import it into Newsbin.

That should change the data folder to the new drive. The NBI should be in the data folder if you haven't changed the name or location of this file. I'd backup the NBI file just in case.
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