All posters are being filtered

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All posters are being filtered

Postby insolution » Sat May 25, 2019 12:17 pm

Since upgrading to 6.82B3 - Build 5090 all posters are being filtered out even though I have not explicitly filtered any posters.

Screenshot of group loaded with all filtering off:


So, I deleted the list of "Dirty Rotten Spammers" under Options->Settings->Poster Settings and filtering is turned off (Group Display Window->radio button "Enable or Disable the Filters"). Turning on filtering knocks out all posts (posters) and no posts are displayed, even though no options (like Hide Old) are selected.


When the group(s) is loaded and filters are turned on, all posters invisible (because they are being filtered).


I am not sure how to resolve this or what caused the change. Poster filtering was working before the upgrade. Can you help?

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Re: All posters are being filtered

Postby Quade » Sun May 26, 2019 2:18 pm

"Poster Filtered" can also mean you added a poster filter to one of the "filter profiles" too.

You can filter on subject or poster in the filter profiles now. I'd check the global filter profile and maybe clear it out. As an experiment you could exit Newsbin, move the "filters.db3" out of the data folder, then restart and try again.
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