NB pro 6.82 performance issues

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NB pro 6.82 performance issues

Postby MiHa0815 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 6:08 pm

Hi there,
i have also some issues with display update pending, long stops between download and unrar and some others.
1. if there was a password added to the list by loading a nzb-file, this password should be deleted from passwordlist after the download finished
and if you map a password to a download, you are faster in unrar because you must not try every password in the list for the download which should be unrar
2. file-list and fail-list should be cleared when newsbin is closed and no download is active (properly configurable)
3. the chunks directory should also be cleard when newsbin closed and no download is active

i think this could help very much to reduce the performance problems
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Re: NB pro 6.82 performance issues

Postby Quade » Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:56 am

1 - Password processing will change before the next release. Passwords supplied with the NZB won't be added to the password list at all. Instead they'll just be associated with the download. The password list will still exist but I anticipate it won't see much use after the change.

2 - Most people seem to prefer a persistent failed and files list. That said there are two settings that control this. If you add them to the configuration file and set them to 0 it shouldn't save either list on exit.

SaveFilesList = 0/1
SaveFailedList = 0/1

You can also set them in the advanced options tab.

3 - Most of the chunks are deleted when each file downloads. I keep one around per file for tracking but it's deleted within 2 days automatically.
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