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Search results inconsistent

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:29 pm
by Tracy
Newsbin 6.82 build 5142
Ubuntu 20.04

Perhaps I'm not phrasing my search terms properly, or maybe I'm hitting a limit in terms of how many results are being processed, but I am getting inconsistent results when searching.

First search: dreamboat annie
First result: ROEIBOOTJE - [002/100] - "Heart - Dreamboat Annie. part01.rar" yEnc

Second search: Heart
Results do not include item found in first search

While I realize that searching on a single word (in this case "Heart") may return an excess of results, I would still expect to find the result from the first search in the second search results.

So, the question becomes: Is there a reason why the results are inconsistent? Or, alternatively, is there a better way to perform the second search, so that the results of the first search would be included?

FWIW, the point of the search is to find all (or as many as possible) of the albums that Heart recorded (of which Dreamboat Annie is one).

Pointers appreciated.

Re: Search results inconsistent

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:39 pm
by Tracy
Apparently I was just not loading sufficient results. Once I limited the results by size to the approximate size range of the results in the first search, the same result did appear in the second search. My bad.

Re: Search results inconsistent

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:49 pm
by Quade
Yeah there's so much crap on usenet. The size filters are good for filtering down. You can also use group filtering to only look in the groups your content appears in.