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Posts not showing up on search engines

PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:59 pm
by megalomando
Apologies if this isn't the proper group to post this in.

I've just posted a few separate things with Newsbin and see repeating issues so I must be unaware of what to do.

- Selecting the desired groups Ie: a.b.sounds.lossless, I right click and select "Post To Group".
- I fill out the subject, mung an email address, see a.b.sounds.lossless in the groups' field and select
- Add the desired files.
- Click on "Post Now" and Newsbin sends them off & seemingly my work is done.

What I found was is nothing shows up on the search engines or - The post did show up on

I tried a different post; this time I made par files and attached them. Everything else was done the same way.

This time the post showed up on binsearch and nzbindex, still nothing appears on nzbstars.

I don't understand why it's not showing up in nzbstars at all, and why my first post (without pars) never showed up in nzbindex.

I'm sure I'm missing the obvious.

Thanks, & Happy New Year

Re: Posts not showing up on search engines

PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:38 am
by Quade
The question might be how they decide to catalog a group. Are they downloading headers or are people sending them NZB files? It sounds like your test suggests 2 of the 3 check the groups themselves but only catalog things with PAR files.

This seems like a question for the indexers. How do they decide what to catalog.

The acid test is whether your own posts show up when you download headers from the group in question.

1 - You post to the group.
2- The news server gets the posts and they show up in the group. The only way to be sure is download the headers yourself and make sure they're there.
3 - The indexers decide what they want to index and apparently there's something they don't like about some of your posts.

There's no actual connection between the servers and the indexers in that the servers do nothing to aid the indexers/search engines.