Paid Search does not find ofuscaded files

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Paid Search does not find ofuscaded files

Postby k33joy » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:42 pm

I use Newsbin 6.80RC7 with paid search.

If you try finding using the Search function for obfuscated posts only par files are returned back...

I have this problem with Newsbin 6.80RC7 ( and I had this problem also with an old version as well - think was Newsbin 6.80RC4)

I know for a fact that the nzb file and the content is available on Usenet.(i.e. using other indexing sites all obfuscated posts can be retrieved).

Please let me know if you fix this huge issue meaning the search does not work searching for offuscated files/posts( as it returns back only par files...)
Without this fix the search function becomes practically useless....

Please hurry up with a fix !
Much appreciated.

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Re: Paid Search does not find ofuscaded files

Postby dexter » Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:17 pm

There are 5-6 different obfuscation schemes and we are handling some of them. The one you are referring to is hard because, while we are able to automatically figure out a subject for the .PAR2 files, the associated .rar files are posted with random subjects across multiple groups. These files can only be downloaded if you can obtain the NZB file created by the original poster. We are working to handle more of these obfuscation schemes and are planning a major improvements after Newsbin 6.80 is released.
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