moving group to the bottom = duplicate detection errors

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moving group to the bottom = duplicate detection errors

Postby RayMark » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:10 pm

I got this with 6.82B1 build 5088, but I don't see mentioned it fixed in beta 3

So here's what happened:
1. I added some posts to the download list.
2. Then I added maybe 50-60 posts more to the download list, They all showed up as pairs of multi part rars with + (compacted) and nzb files. They all had their sizes shown. As usually. The sizes of rars were in the range from several hundred MB to maybe 4 GB
3. Then I added some more posts to the list.
4. And then I moved the whole that group (from step #2) of 50-60 pairs to the bottom of the download list (below the posts added in step #3)
Then I noticed that their sizes were no longer shown, they all now had 0 sizes. And no more + signs, nothing shown as compacted.
Still, when downloading, the correct size and the + sign reappeared, so everything seemed to be OK.
But it wasn't OK. Many of those 50-60 posts were not downloaded, they went to the Failed Files list as "duplicate detected" (or similar wording). Even though they were not duplicates. So after "Download - Bypass Filters" in the Failed files list, they were finally downloaded and unrarred but some garbage was left behind in the form of -(0001) renamed rar parts.

I wonder if perhaps it is possible to reproduce this issue. Perhaps I will try to reproduce it myself. It seems that if I see all the sizes gone to 0 and + missing, I could delete them all from the download list and add again and avoid all the further mess.
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