[BUG 690B4] Server Colours Not Reflected In Download List

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[BUG 690B4] Server Colours Not Reflected In Download List

Postby WhatZit » Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:02 pm

I've configured different colours for each of my servers, so that I can quickly spot which ones are being used.

In 6.90B1 and earlier, you could see which sever is downloading chunks simply by observing the progress bar in the "Current Progress:" column ("Downloading Files" tab).

With 6.90B4, you can no longer see a server's individual chunks, as the progress bar is all one block colour (it looks dark purple on my screen).

Not sure if it's related, but I've also noticed that the colour formating of the Server tab has changed. Note that I actually like B4's new way of doing it, but not if it causes the above.

Previously, only the title row for each server's connection list was coloured (background), with each connection uncoloured. Now, the formatting has reversed, with the title row having no colour, but each connection's background coloured.

Also, B4's Server tab now shows "No Group Selected" in each line under the "Connections" column, whereas B1 did not. BTW, I'm using NZB's exclusively, nothing submitted from a group.

P.S. swapping between tabs in B4 is appallingly slow (screen redraw) compared to B1, but that's another story.

EDIT: Added an ImgBox link (below). 690B1 is on the left, 690B4 on the right.

Why is this important? Because 3 of the servers are unlimited monthly (yel, ora, grn), 2 are 500GB blocks (l.pur, d.pur). Normally, everything is load balanced across the 3 unlimited. If ANYTHING is visible other than the "fruit salad" shown on the left, then I need to investigate why, and investigate quickly if the progress bars turn completely purple, because that's my pre-paid blocks being chewed up.

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