Header Download and Low Diskspace

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Header Download and Low Diskspace

Postby jjEmulator » Wed Jul 15, 2020 2:13 pm


I hope everybody is healthy.

This is basically an addendum to https://forums.newsbin.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=46321. But I thought I open a new request because that makes finding the issue easier, since the subject of the original post is a bit bogus :wink:

Im using NewsBin 6.81 Build 5080.

I noticed, that even when you put NewsBin into 'pause' mode, header downloads still go on. Is that correct?
In that case just stopping that 'Low Disk Space' dialog from appearing, is only partially helpful, as I then can terminate the download manually but I would have to be awake to do so. Over the years it happened a few times that I corrupted my newsbin installation because of this. Luckily I did have backups of the .nbi files, but the databases were toast.

So in case of autopause due to low diskspace, the header download should finish the current chunk properly and close the connection or go into waiting mode.
The header import can hopfully continue on the waiting chunks and automatically free diskspace when the chunks are processed.

Bonus Points: When the header import is finished, check diskspace and if there is sufficient free space, resume the header download from waiting mode.

Thanks for listening and stay healthy,

PS: Please don't ask why I want to download 'all headers' from 5 billion article strong groups...
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