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Remove from Download List on NZBs & Group lists ++

Postby skoolrumble » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:30 pm

Hi. Happy Belated New Year's! Some issues I'm hoping you'll solve.

1. Can you PLEASE put back either a shortcut or a context menu option to Remove from Download List when we're in an NZB file tab or a browsing newsgroup tab?
Sometimes we accidentally add something to download, etc. so it would be nice if we could quickly remove it from download. I remember this was available in an older version.

2. Also, regarding the manual unrar context menu selection, can u get it to unrar to the folder location that's already set up? It always just seems to unrar to my root drive that I've set as my Unrar Folder [it ignores the $(NZBFILE) part].

3. The way you've set up how to change the GUI/tabs/windows/etc. is EXTREMELY CONFUSING! For example, if I accidentally close the Downloads tab, and try to bring it back up, it goes to that top "level" that I can't seem to get it out of! That is, I want that Downloads tab to line up with the other tabs, but instead it seems to be on its own "level." It forces me to reset my display layout to get it back there. VERY VERY AGGRAVATING!

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