Force NBZ to download no matter what

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Force NBZ to download no matter what

Postby Rob11 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:03 am


I am using version 6.73: 00 D5 AA 63 CC 0C

Lately I find that files inside .nzb's have weird extensions example:

<file poster="Bob &#60;;" date="1516538659" subject="&#34;f20636b4d15d9d98b56be782eff595.f59568&#34; yEnc (01/66)">
<segment bytes="768000" number="1">GzSfJLzRJocjnegQHrRbBowvqmDFiIlXEwgnuRSBeM@DFcOcbJjDikdDpQ.aYTWkkw</segment>
<segment bytes="768000" number="2">SbeQfWUbZQJugCbTBFFHsnNmkqC@E$C_nYc_uFjJvZG.vbroet</segment>
<segment bytes="768000" number="3">NHoFfJbKGrrJLcfCIvbXjBhmcVUrirTGXVAkbmfmmdr@ZZjHWm-ky$wuX_M.eTuLIT</segment>
<segment bytes="768000" number="4">rGfgfGQwvHvRMSlwUMTuusijwZzYZlW@gFc_ypWcJf-sae.cMbBos</segment>

When I double click these .nzb files Newsbin just ignores them and everything disappears, so I don't even know what failed to download. Then I have to use: File > Load NZBs > (find the .nzb) > (Select all) > Download - bypass filters.

I don't like how Newsbin 'decides' what to download and what to ignore. If I'm giving it a .nzb file I'm kind of expecting it to download everything NO MATTER WHAT. Can you please add an option or just turn it on by default?

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Re: Force NBZ to download no matter what

Postby Quade » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:02 pm

The current RC 6.80RC3 handles these bizarre NZB's the best. I'd suggest using that version if you aren't already.

If you are and it still doesn't work, you can email me some of these NZB's to to check out.
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