Please re-enable the Ability to Edit Filters In-line

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Please re-enable the Ability to Edit Filters In-line

Postby insolution » Fri May 25, 2018 10:45 am

Quade: Please delete this post if you today answered in the "Thinking about -re-doing the filters" post.

I would like to see the ability to edit filters in-line in the filters window added back in.

At some point the ability to edit a line of filters (i.e, the RegEx "womans.weekly|maxim.india||Steelers.Digest") in the filter editing window disappeared.

If you, like me, use RegEx to add more than one term to a filter line and want to edit, the term "" (as in the above example) I have to edit the line, add it to the filter, then delete the pre-existing line I edited. The old way allowed right-click selection of the filter text/RegEx in-line and rename or edit part of the line. It was MUCH better.

Maybe this has to do with the db engine, but I sure miss it. I use filters extensively and this is a real PIA. I should have mentioned it a yea or more ago when it changed, but...

Thanks for listening/considering.

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