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Search By .NZB Name In Download List

Postby WhatZit » Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:53 pm

Within the download list, the grouped fileset created by a loaded .NZB has this format (or very similar):

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+ <NZB FileName> Subject [n/n] - "Attachment Filename.part01.ext"
    Subject [n/n] "Attachment Filename.par2"
    Subject [n/n] "Attachment Filename.part01.ext"
    Subject [n/n] "Attachment Filename.part02.ext"
    Subject [n/n] "Attachment Filename.part03.ext"
    Subject [n/n] "Attachment Filename.part04.ext"

When using the "Find:" field at the top of the Download List tab, if you search for "NZB FileName", or any part thereof, you won't find anything.

You can only find text contained within the Subject or Attachment Filename.

For example, if your NZB is loaded as:

+ <SomethingReallyGood.nzb> 89734687325897397535 [2/76] - "4406ac03e93a4ff1ae201cb.part01.rar"

You can only use the "Find:" function to locate terms like "89734" or "4406ac". Searching for "something" or "good" will find nothing.

When you have a download list of hundreds or even thousands of files, most of which have obscured filenames, it is a massive pain to manually scan through the NZB filenames to find the entry that you may want to delete or move up/down or whatever.

Is it possible to enable the Download List's "Find:" function to include the NZB filename in its results?
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