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Context menu: "add poster to filter"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 7:39 am
by astrax
Would it be (technically) possible and/or useful to have an option, similar to the "lockout poster" feature when you right-click on a post, that would open the filters window and then to be able to add that poster to a specific filter? :D

I'm asking, because I still use header downloads to browse through groups and I have a pre-header filter active for some GOGs. An option like this would it make so much more convenient and easy to manage spam posters, who crosspost their stuff to different groups. So once added to the corresponding filter, their headers wouldn't be downloaded, when I browsed another group.
Right now you have to manually add, open the filters dialog , select the filter etc. for each poster, which is quite tedious :roll: Or is there a workaround for this in some way?