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Postby enchant » Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:04 pm

(Hopefully, this isn't a banned topic.)

I have Sonarr working with Newsbin, and it's close to flawless. Does exactly what I need, fairly intuitive interface. I'd like to have the same thing for movies. I've seen lots and lots of people request that Sonarr be expanded for movies, but I've heard the developers have no interest in doing that.

About a year ago, I installed Couchpotato. I found the interface to be a huge victory of style over functionality. I was able to download a grand total of two movies and after a few months of failures, I finally uninstalled it. Movies I'd requested were totally missed by Couchpotato, and I downloaded them manually with Newsbin. Thing is, if there's a movie you want, you've got to keep a diligent eye open so that if it's posted, you can get it before it goes away.

Are there any alternatives? My needs are very simple. I'd like to request a movie, and if it's posted, grab it. I hope it's not to much to ask to specify English language only.
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