a.b.teevee spamming - sub-optimal news bin behaviour

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a.b.teevee spamming - sub-optimal news bin behaviour

Postby YetAnotherForumName » Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:13 pm

So a.b.teevee is being subjected to a spamming operation. This has led to the exposure of some news bin pro behaviour that I find sub-optimal:-
1) Locking out a poster does *not* prevent that poster's articles being added to the group view when d/l new headers
2) "Delete all posts from Poster" renders the UI unresponsive. Can we not get a busy cursor when this occurs? I don't mind waiting for the UI to come back as long as it tells me it is busy.
3) News Bin Pro refuses to exit in a timely manner presumably while it is still performing "Delete all posts from Poster"

These 3 things lead to a less than stellar user experience.

Oh one more thing; can we please get parallel header d/l when a lot of new headers are available? For example if there are 100,000 headers can we not get 10 d/l tasks that run in parallel? I know there might be complications if 1 of these 10 tasks fail but I have faith these complications can be handled.
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Re: a.b.teevee spamming - sub-optimal news bin behaviour

Postby jackholexxxx » Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:11 pm

Have you seen this thread?
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