6.73F1 Search Issues, Wiped out Config File on Install

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6.73F1 Search Issues, Wiped out Config File on Install

Postby insolution » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:42 pm

Hi Quade and Dexter,

I just updated to 6.73 and have a couple of questions:

1. I install to a Newsbin-only drive during setup (T:\Newsbin\Newsbin Data) and the installation of 6.73 not only wiped out the newsbin.nbi file, but the .bak and .old files too. I have run in to this before when upgrading and fortunately had a copy of my previous files to restore my (hard-earned) settings and layout. Frustrating that it not only behaved that way, but that it wiped out the backups too. If that's expected behavior there should be a warning before overwriting the old files. If it's not expected behavior, what caused it?

2. Using search returns results from *all* my previous searches, not just the latest search. That seems like a db issue (?). Before search results were cleared when I typed in a new search term but now I can not seem to clear the search results, even with a right-click "clear list" or "delete old posts". How do I fix the db, if that's the issue? Is there an integrity check or utility I can use on the SQLite db?

3. All my NB binaries (executables, DLL's, config files, etc) are in the T:\Newsbin\Newsbin Data directory I chose at install (and had used just fine previously). Is that an issue? I see a C:\Program Files\Newsbin directory contains the uninstaller. Does anything else have to reside there as well?

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Re: 6.73F1 Search Issues, Wiped out Config File on Install

Postby Quade » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:19 pm

1 - Don't install to the data folder. It's not clear that you did but it sounds like you did. The best place to install the programs is the default locations on "Program Files" and Program Files(86)" depending on the 32 or 64 bits. The data folder can be anywhere you want to put it, the install folder though is safest in the two folders I mentioned. Otherwise you run the risk of infecting the EXE's. You CAN install the EXE's to alternate folders if you want to. Just make sure it's not the data folder. The data and install folders have to be different folder and really shouldn't be in the same folder tree together. There's NO performance benefit to installing to an SSD or array, the only time the EXE's and DLL's get read is when Newsbin starts. The data folder though benefits from being on the fastest drive.


for instance are fine.

#2, not sure what you mean exactly. There's a folder in the data folder\Spool_v6 called "BASIC_SEARCH" you might want to delete it to clear the deck. It's not clear to me if doing #1 messed this up or not. The search engine always returns all hits up to 2000 results at a time. Only the watch lists return "hits since last search".

#3 isn't recommended and isn't tested. The data folder is self cleaning so anything you stick in there might get deleted as Newsbin functions.
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