New Computer - Group Doesn't Exist Error

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New Computer - Group Doesn't Exist Error

Postby notjustyet » Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:23 pm

ACK... I thought I would share in case someone else out there is as blind to the obvious or as much of an uneducated newbie as I am.

I needed to transfer to a new computer. I exported the .nbi file and downloaded and installed newsbin, and opened from the .nbi file. Then spent way to much time trying to figure out why the group, kept giving back errors that the group does not exist.

a.b. is the newbin shorhand for alt.binaries and if you want to add alt.binaries.automobiles or alt.binaries.whatever you need to spell out alt.binaries not just copy the darn group name and then manually add it just like what it was in your old comfortable computer.

Why yes I feel like I should be slapping my forehead, saying DAH!, and rolling my eyes.

Once I got that figured out I could not figure out why my old computer had 1400 or so new items and my new computer only had 12. I expanded the days, I increased the connections... I got a LOT of timeout errors and even if I could get the numbers up I was still missing posts with the word *new* in it and I was getting time out errors.

Thank you for posting the tip about avast. I switched from free AVG, which had too much spam to the well reviewed avast. Turning off avast worked- now the full list is there including posts with the word *new* in it.
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Re: New Computer - Group Doesn't Exist Error

Postby dexter » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:32 pm

Yeah, maybe the manual add in the Groups Add screen should automatically expand if you enter "a.b" instead of "Alt.Binaries". Good catch though, glad you got it figured out.
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