NBP Beta does not stop?

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NBP Beta does not stop?

Postby RankoSaotome » Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:11 pm


Since I am testing NBP and it was suggested to use the Beta I installed it.
NBP 6.90b7 Build 4965 (under Win7 64)

I encountered three times the Problem that NBP does not stop&exit:
When I try to exit NBP (File/Exit), NBP does stop the transfer and shows in red that it does pause.
Then after 1 oder 2 Minutes it shows Running again and does not exit.
But it does not resume datatransfer (the graph in the WinTaskmanager stays down at 0bit/s).

Even when I wait around 10 Minutes, nothing changes any more.
File/Exit does do nothing and the only way to end NBP ist to shot it down with the WindowsTaskmanager.

btw: Is there any way to see what NBP does in the time?
It looks like it just runs but I dont knbow where to look and see waht it actually does.
Please excuse my typos. I am not native english speaking.
= = = =
System: AMD FX8350 (8core @4GHz), 32GB DDR3, some SSD and some HDD, Win7 64bits
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Re: NBP Beta does not stop?

Postby Quade » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:36 pm

Yeah some of the beta's have exit problems. It's on my list. Thanks.
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