start Headerupdate at specific time?

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start Headerupdate at specific time?

Postby RankoSaotome » Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:04 pm


Question: Is there a method to let NB start the Update of new headers at a specific time?

Up till now I used the Option/ Switches/ Automatic Update Modus/ Update Interval.
That is nice, but I could use a specific set time to start the automatic update.

I want NB to Update every night at 23 o Clock.
So I need to start the interval at 23 o Clock and set the Interval to 24h (in Minutes).
But since I need to be awake early in the morning for my profession this does have an impact on my sleep.
And everytime there is an update or a reboot of that Computer I must start NB again at 23 o Clock and so on...

Thanks in advance!
Please excuse my typos. I am not native english speaking.
= = = =
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