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This is the place for people switching to Newsbin from other newsreaders, or for people evaluating Newsbin who are already experienced Usenet users. If your old newsreader had a feature you liked that Newsbin doesn't, tell us about it.
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- No discussion of specific content found on Usenet.
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Guidelines for this forum...

Postby dexter » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:58 am

We created this forum due to requests from users of other newsreaders who are switching or considering switching to Newsbin from other newsreaders. The purpose of this forum is not to bash other newsreaders but to provide support for experienced Usenet users trying to get used to Newsbin. Many functions available in other newsreaders can also be performed in Newsbin so this is a place for help on that. We are open to considering implementing popular features from other newsreaders that do not currently exist in Newsbin.

Other newsreader discussion boards have different cultures so you may consider lurking awhile or reading other posts to see how people conduct themselves here. People are here to help each other, not chastise, taunt, or just be mean. If you can't be pleasant or otherwise break our rules, you generally will get a warning. If you continue, you will be banned.
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