so... 6.80B12: 00 88 08 AD 23 F2

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so... 6.80B12: 00 88 08 AD 23 F2

Postby ItsMe » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:37 am

Just installed
downloaded 90550c*****************.part01.rar so that I could run view sample on it (really wish there was option to just right click in the unsorted and click sample...)
after it downloaded went to my file list tab so I could right click and view sample.....
odd instead of the rar file there was a 90550c*****************.mkv in the list
double click it nothing...
right click open folder, not in there
rar file in recycle bin
refresh list and the ghost .mkv disapears....

back to beta 11 for me...
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