6.82B6 - local search within a single group

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6.82B6 - local search within a single group

Postby stavros » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:14 pm


I tried internet search earlier today and it wasn't finding something that I thought it should, so I downloaded headers and tried to search locally within a single group - newsbin searched locally, but through ALL local groups, not the selected one.

To recreate:
1) right click on a group in group list (e.g. a.b.misc) and select 'search in groups' from pop-up => new tab opens, title = search:a.b.misc (0), [but 'search in group/topic' drop down remains empty.]
2) enter search term and click on search icon (magnifying glass) to the right => appears to be searching through ALL groups as the hard drive is rattling away and the progress bar scanning across and, I assume, restarting for each group.

If I manually enter a.b.misc in the 'search in group/topic' drop down and click on search icon, nothing appears to happen, no activity at all.

If I manually enter alt.binaries.misc in the 'search in group/topic' drop down and click on search icon, the search is successfully carried out and appears to only search within the selected group (no real evidence for this other than the result is returned quickly).

Nothing is logged in the debug log during any of these activities.

Just out of curiosity, I tried selecting two groups (a.b.misc & a.b.mom) in the group list in 1) above, and, although the new tab came up with title = a.b.misca.b.mom (0), I couldn't see a way of manually entering two groups into the 'search in group/topic' drop down and getting any result. I tried various combinations, but nothing appeared to happen when I clicked on the search icon.

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Re: 6.82B6 - local search within a single group

Postby Quade » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:39 am

I've confirmed this. Thanks.
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