Free Internet Search Day on Friday August 14, 2009

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Free Internet Search Day on Friday August 14, 2009

Postby dexter » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:50 pm

Due to your many requests, we are announcing in advance that we will have a Free Day of Internet Search coming up on Friday, August 14. It will go from 8:00am on Friday, August 14 through 8:00am on Saturday, August 15.

We are doing this so you can have more time to play with Internet Search and see what it can do. Of course our hope is that you'll be hooked and just have to sign up for it when the Free Search day is over.

Another announcement will be posted here when the Free Search Day is turned on, as well as in the Message of the Day screen.

Free Search will only work for registered users and only for users of version 5.42 and above.
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