Sept 7 2010 - How to fix headers because of broken Giganews.

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Sept 7 2010 - How to fix headers because of broken Giganews.

Postby Quade » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:27 pm

2 days ago, Giganews broke and stopped delivering complete headers. They've since mostly fixed it. The headers are on the server but, in a way that's invisible to Newsbin if you've been downloading headers regularly since it broke. There are really 2 ways to fix this. One is easy but, slow. The other quicker but, a little harder to setup.

1 - Easy button. Download all headers for all groups.

2 - Copy server method

- Set the "Download Age" to 3.
- Make your header download server a "Slave".
- Make a copy of the header server using "New Server" and "Copy Settings From". I called mine "Fill".
- Make "Fill" a master (uncheck "Slave").
- Hit the update button to update all groups.

Newsbin will use "Fill" to download headers for the last 3 days. Integrate them with the headers already on disk. This will fix the incompletes.

When you're done, make the primary server "Master" again. And disable or delete "Fill".

- You might want to disable the header server at the same time you make it a slave. So, you don't run out of connections when you run "Fill".
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