New functionality in Usenet Search.

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New functionality in Usenet Search.

Postby dexter » Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:33 am

We turned on some new functionality in Newsbin's Internet Search feature today. You can retrieve a list of all posts today per group using a wildcard (*). Just select a Group Folder or enter a newsgroup name in the "Search in Groups" dropbox, then stick an asterisk in the search field and click the Search button. Searching on groups does not hit the 2000 result limit of a regular search, it will return all posts for the day.

You can then retrieve a list of the the next day's worth of posts by clicking the "Load Older Posts" button. All this is done from the Search tab within Newsbin with the "Search Mode" set to "Internet".

Wildcard searching on all groups will return the most recent posts across all groups but does not do a day at a time, there is just too much volume on Usenet to do that.

All Searches are free but queuing search results for download requires a subscription to our Newsbin Internet Search service. Registered users, log in to the Newsbin Control Panel to sign up.

We recommend running the latest release to get full use of this feature.
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