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Version 6.61 Production Release

Postby dexter » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:43 pm

Some issues in Version 6.60 were uncovered that needed to be addressed. While making the bug fixes, we took the opportunity to implement a number of small changes people were asking for. Here's a quick summary:

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed memory leak that turned out to be associated with the RAR reader code.
  • Changed how automode works with watch lists to prevent automode from flooding RAM with loaded files.
  • Fixed issue some people were having on upgrade to 6.60 where they would load a post list, it would flash then disappear.
  • Fixed potential issue with Newsbin filtering out stuff it shouldn't be.
  • Fix to make sure the NBI path gets set on exit.
  • Fixed issue where Header downloads failed with connection errors instead of retrying.
  • Crash fix with "Delete all Posts by Poster" and maybe massive manual deletes too.

  • Implemented new content filter to address false spam positives.
  • Hooked up the "Pre-allocate files" option under Options/Performance.
  • Changed Sqlite caching. Improves import performance.
  • Moved the filter toggle button closer to the filter dropdowns on the toolbar. Looks like a power button.
  • New NBI setting to separate out any .nfo, .sfv, .srr files from compacted sets. Set CombineMeta=0 under Settings to break them out. Default is to combine.
  • Fixed issue processing posts posted by one posting program that leaves a blank line between last yEnc data and yEnd line.
  • NZB files are no longer compacted in with the rar/par set
  • Info from .SRR files are now included when you ctrl-r on a compacted set containing .srr files.
  • When items are queued using Ctrl-Y, to force the download, don't make it start a download over from the beginning if Newsbin is restarted.
  • Made change so new records don't get inserted to the top of the post list during header processing. Was causing flickering of the screen which annoyed people.
  • Increased the number of watch entries you can have to 120.
  • Headers are now stored compressed again until they are processed. The tradeoff of disk space usage vs. CPU usage is not justified.
  • Internal use of regular expressions has been sped up. Should improve overall processing speed of normal functions.
  • Added maximize buttons to the tabs.
  • Change to column headers in servers tab and information displayed to make it more clear. Specifically Server Active/Disabled and if the server is set to download headers or not.

This is a free upgrade for all registered users. Just run the installer and all you settings will be retained. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 6.60, you should empty your download and wish lists as they are not compatible with 6.60/6.61. Visit the Newsbin Download Page to get the latest version.
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