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Version 6.62 Production Release

Postby dexter » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:38 pm

The focus of 6.62 was to beef up the AutoPAR functionality. A hiccup in Usenet revealed areas for improvement on how Newsbin determines if it has enough of a damaged file in order to successfully repair and assemble it using PAR2 files. There were also opportunities to fix more bugs and fine tune some other aspects. Here is a partial list:

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with automatic assembly of marginal file sets.
  • Fixed some file download completion calculations. Were a couple percentage points off.
  • Fixed issue where Subs would combine with the main set. Some posters are using a different format for identifying subs posts
  • Fixed issue with strict yEnc mode. One path through the code wasn't failing one failure mode.
  • Fixed crash issue when SRR contains files larger than 64K.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R on posts with no file data would fail with no error and hang out in the download list. Now will show encoded data instead.
  • Fixed issue where small single post non-files were not incrementing the retry counter.
  • Fixed issue where a connection failure when performing an Internet Search would display the wrong error.
  • Fixed the ability to create an NZB from wish list.
  • Fixed issue loading GZ encoded NZB's. It was broken.
  • Fixed issue where the "Show Filenames" setting was not being honored in expanded files.

  • Added socket error numbers back to the errors in the Logging tab.
  • Made change to show raw speed of Header Downloads instead of the effective datarate. Was confusing people.
  • No longer shows extra NZB filename info if "Show Filenames" is enabled
  • Minor wording changes of options for consistency.
  • Now sends a file to the Failed Files tab if all PAR files download and there still aren't enough blocks to reliably make a repair.
  • Additional debug messages to troubleshoot a tricky issue
  • Implemented more reliable message-id checking
  • Tweaked mechanism for grabbing embedded passwords in NZB files if they exist.
  • Now forces assembly when retries run out and all PAR files were downloaded.
  • Changed how aggressive assembly mode works, now tied to the retry counter. After retries run out on an incomplete post, Newsbin will assemble.
  • Added option to turn on strict yEnc. It is off by default now.

This is a free upgrade for all registered users. Just run the installer and all you settings will be retained. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 6.60, you should empty your download and wish lists as they are not compatible with 6.60+. Visit the Newsbin Download Page to get the latest version.
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