Installing Version 5 on Windows 10

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Installing Version 5 on Windows 10

Postby jakew » Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:03 pm

I encountered a number of hurdles while installing Version 5.59 on my new Windows 10 Home x64 machine. Here's how I managed to do it.

1. Registration. In order to register your copy of Newsbin, you need to install Version 6 first, enter your key, then install Version 5 (which will read the registration from the Windows registry). This is documented on the Newsbin page where you download old versions. I actually uninstalled Version 6 and chose to retain the registry entries when prompted by the uninstaller. My Newsbin key remained on the system and was read by Version 5. NB: When installed, Version 5 successfully grabbed the nzb file association from Version 6.

2. Blocked Publisher. When I first tried to run the V5 installer, I got the error message that "Unknown Publisher" was blocked on my computer. I had to right-click on the exe file and select unblock at the bottom. HOWEVER...

3. Blocked Application. Next the system told me that the application had been blocked for my protection, and there's no unblock option for this (even though my user account--the sole account on the computer--is an Administrator). I even tried disabling User Account Control but still got the block message. The solution is to launch the installer from a "elevated" command prompt. Run Task Manager, select Run New Task, enter cmd and click create this task with admin privileges. This allowed me to run the installer. BUT...

4. Cannot write to Program Files. Halfway through the install process, the installer told me that it couldn't write to the data folder. I think this is because Program Files is a protected folder in Windows 10. No big deal... just install to an alternate folder, right? Except that the installer doesn't prompt you for an install folder. Luckily, the Nullsoft installer has command line switches.* In my admin command prompt, I typed "nb559-full.exe /D=C:\NBPro5" (where "C:\NBPro5" is the alternate folder for installation). The installation was successful.

I now have a registered, normally functioning copy of Version 5 on Windows 10. Hope someone else in the same boat finds this helpful.

*See ... allerusage
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