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Where is the Newsbin documentation ?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 11:47 am
by itimpi
If you just want general information on Usenet and Newsgroups that is not Newsbin specific then probably one of the best sources of this is the Slyck guide to newsgroups.

There is now quite extensive documentation on Newsbin 5 that answers many questions. It is held online and accessed via your web browser. It can be accessed in several ways:Despite these many ways of accessing it, it is surprising how many people fail to find the documentation :!:

The documentation is structured into the following main sections:
  • User Guide: A general guide to using NewsBin. If you are having problems with Newsbin then the Troubleshooting section may be of particular interest.
  • Version 4.3x to 5.0 Guide: Outlines specific differences that people accustomed to running Version 4.3x will discover and might initially find confusing as they are used to the way Newsbin 4 operated.
  • Option Detail: Detailed reference information on each option available in NewsBin
  • Shortcuts - List of shortcuts that activate certain functions.
  • TCP Interface: Interface definition for the built in TCP Interface that can be used by programmers to control newsbin behavior.
  • Glossary: Glossary of terms. Includes Usenet and NewsBin specific terminology.
Feedback on the documentation is always welcome as that is the best way to get it improved.

Finally there is also the Newsbin 5 Tutorial produced by one of the Newsbin users covering some of the commonest tasks you are likely to do within Newsbin. This is well worth looking at for new users. Bear in mind, though that some of the fine detail of the screens shown may differ if you are using a different release of Newsbin 5 to that used to produce the tutorial, although the overall approach will not have changed.