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Newsdemon and SlickVPN

Postby JCDinPGH » Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:38 pm

A long time ago (in 2011) , Newsdemon offered free VPN via SlickVPN if you signed up for their service. I did and it used to work great. Newsdemon, still works well although the content is mostly all gone because of obfuscated posting. I really only used slickVPN for torrents anyways. Over the last few months, I have had nothing but problems with SlickVPN though. Torrents will start, and then slow down and eventually completely stop, forcing me to cancel the download, disconnect the SlickVPN client which almost never works, and then I am forced to reboot the server that I am doing all of this from. I usually have to change where the SlickVPN client is connecting to also The SlickVPN client is buggy at best for me lately. I have spoken to their support many times and uninstalled and reinstalled their client several times, including change some config options per their suggestions. I finally gave in and did a 1 month demo of PureVPN and it has been flawless. The speeds are consistent and I have had no "slow downs" or speeds issues.
The reason I am posting this, I am curious if anyone else has experienced similar issues. I am going to be cancelling my SlickVPN account.
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