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new newsbin user

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:48 pm
by bobsmithe
Hello! I recently purchased newsbin pro and am having some difficulties making the switch from newsleecher. I hope these will not be stupid questions, but I had a question regarding viewing pictures, and a question about filters.

In newsleecher, I could right click a post and scroll to open. The picture would automatically open in windows picture and fax viewer. (I'm guessing it actually downloaded to maybe a temp directory?) At which point I could then decide whether to download or not (incase of spam etc.) Is there any way to do this in newsbin? Or do I have to double click the article, let it download, and if it turns out to be something I don't want, navigate to the download folder and delete said file? Should I create 2 directories, the first for "temporary" storage, and then move files to a new directory for files I actually want to save? I must be missing something because this seems to be a convoluted way of downloading pictures...... :?

For downloading headers I saw a posting on the forums that shows how to filter as they download by using the entry in the NBI file of:


This works nicely, is there a way of adding Poster Lock info into this entry as well?

I'm sure I'll probably have more questions as I try to learn functionality and features of newsbin, so please bear with me :oops:


Re: new newsbin user

PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:01 pm
by Quade
- If you open the thumbnail tab, which I think defaults to the bottom and download image files, the images will show up in the thumbnail tab as well as on disk. They can be double-clicked there to open up an image viewer (or the files list). I'll consider a special right click for "download and view" but, it's not going to be in 6.40. I can't see "download and view" as any kind of default mode because typically you might have 100's of image files downloading at the same time. That's why I think it needs to be a special mode.

I put some of my image groups in "Auto-download" mode which downloads them all automatically (based on filters). I then review them after the fact. You can also tell Newsbin to store the images in a database that you can then browse and/or export from. I have all my images feeding he database, then browse after the fact. The database stores the subject too so, I can sort on subject and export to folders or to CBZ files.

- I can consider poster filtering during header download. The problem, like the download filter is that it's destructive. If you ever change you mind, you'll have to re-download headers. With the current mechanism, you can always change your mind and still see what you had been filtering.

- If you go into the forum settings and add your Newsbin key. It'll give you access to the registered users area.

Re: new newsbin user

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:28 am
by bobsmithe
Wow!! Thanks so much for the quick response.

I think the "download and view" would be a nice feature to further assist in filtering off topic subjects, or pics not necessarily wanted. (at least to those of us moving over from newsleecher). I guess not everyone reads the groups in the same way. I will typically read them "live" as it were; I don't auto download them. That being said, I also realize and can appreciate that if there is not a huge demand for this feature..... why bother with the added work of implementing it? :wink: Besides, the functionality is there, but in a different procedure.

As far as the poster filtering during download, I say.... bring it on!! I do understand that it is a destructive type filter, but in the same breath, I don't have issue with purging the downloaded posts and re-downloading all headers if needed. Not to tip my hat as to what groups I am browsing, but I am getting reaaalllly tired of "young this" and "mum looked" and "sweet tiny" et al. :x

BTW, is there any good tutorial for effective filtering? Perhaps using wildcards, etc? I'm trying to get more efficient at creating them, and keeping the filter list short but effective.

Once again, thanks for the quick response!!!