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Download list: "jumpy" behaviour (with video)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:05 am
by astrax
I've had this issue with various builds. Currently using the latest 6.82.

It's hard to describe, so I tried to show it in these two clips:

First clip shows, when entries are selected and moved to the top of the download list, they don't start downloading right away. Which of the selected actually starts to download first, is totally random. At first I thought it maybe had to do with, which one is selected first. But it doesn't have any influence, since I clicked and dragged top to bottom and vice versa.

Second clip shows how it's pretty much impossible to select items in the download list, when it's downloading smaller files (images for example) and moving. The selection always jumps back to the top entry (selecting others as well) and depending how you select them (shift + click for example), you sometimes select the whole list. Or, when scrolled down, the last entry will automatically be selected.
Behaviour doesn't seem problematic? It is, when you want to select and delete stuff. Because then you randomly select files, you might not want to delete. All you can do is pause the download, select and delete, then unpause.

Maybe this is a Windows problem. I dunno. Maybe you can do something about it, maybe you don't. At least it's getting on my nerves. :wink: Thanks for loking into it. :)

Re: Download list: "jumpy" behaviour (with video)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 10:21 am
by Quade
All you can do is pause the download, select and delete, then unpause.

I'd argue this is simply what you have to do in a fast moving list.

6.90 decouples the downloading from the list more than 6.82, it locks the list less but even with 6.90 when small files are zooming by during a fast download, I suspect you're going to have to pause first to manipulate the list. Small files are the worst for this. Large sets simply don't move that fast even a 1 Gbps.

When you move a large file from lower to higher in the list, Newsbin has to to finish what's it's doing to the already downloading files. Say you have 30 connections going, all 30 connections have to finish what they're doing before the new top item can start to process. Then the top item has to load up maybe a significant amount of data from disk before it can start downloading. With 6.82 it's sort of "luck of the draw" which of the top files get touched first to trigger this load. The more connections you use, the longer it'll take to move on. It's another reason I suggest using the fewest connections that give you maximum speed.

So, I'm aware that 6.82 download list is a little too jumpy at high speed so, I've made changes for 6.90 but I think particularly the first item won't change enough to avoid pressing pause. The second, I'll have to see.

Re: Download list: "jumpy" behaviour (with video)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 7:44 am
by astrax
Thanks for the explanation! I guess, I'll act accordingly and keep an eye on it, when deleting stuff from the list.