Excessive logging errors when dl files

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Excessive logging errors when dl files

Postby NanoWzrd » Wed Jan 17, 2024 7:13 pm

I am using Newsbin Pro 6.90: 00 94 6C E7 91 46 and wanted to try to improve my DL bandwidth.
I added a new newsserver and rearranged priority and now a get messages on old and new servers like the following

new server:
[01/17 16:17:33] ALWAYS news.giganews.com BODY <BDCP95pRnmWDl7CqKKm23bIZ@rhVf7CG0h91e.E8w> | 222 0 <BDCP95pRnmWDl7CqKKm23bIZ@rhVf7CG0h91e.E8w>

old server:
[01/17 16:33:52] ALWAYS news.usenet.farm BODY <h45b08QNrvJPoPOYczXT5YD3@0GHKe40u39iq.YIH> | 222 0 <h45b08QNrvJPoPOYczXT5YD3@0GHKe40u39iq.YIH>

I get the similar messages for all the nzb's.
Nzbget was able to DL the file.

When I tried to open the nzb, FreeCommander (norton commander clone) complained:

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.

Unspecified error Error processing resource 'http://www.newzbin.com/DTD/nzb/nzb-1.1.dtd'.

The XML looked like:

zBin//DTD NZB 1.0//EN" "http://www.nzbindex.com/nzb-1.0.dtd">
<!-- NZB Generated by NZBIndex -->
<nzb xmlns="http://www.newzbin.com/DTD/2003/nzb">
<file poster="9jdHdLoF0hBZg@ngPost.com" date="1656164238" subject="[006/114] &quot;lNdnhiDL3fQR3sdjkGoWyb.part005.rar&quot; (1/258)">
<segment bytes="740096" number="5">bc231e61177b4ef082c82931b1b179db@ngPost</segment>
<segment bytes="739903" number="8">da879de86b8f4a7b8d9176474ab0e548@ngPost</segment>
egment bytes="740196" number="49">777a6c45206a45c5a21a719e2df44094@ngPost</segment>
<segment bytes="740161" number="4">e9a2ad1682c5417baa578e204796e0b4@ngPost</segment>

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Excessive logging errors when dl files

Postby Quade » Thu Jan 18, 2024 12:02 am

Those aren't errors.

In the network options in Newsbin, I'd uncheck "Show Server Commands" . I might turn the logging down too in the advanced options. .

BODY means "give me this part"
220 means "Here it is". So these aren't errors.

481 would be errors delivering parts of the file.
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