NZB Loading Filter Leaving Behind junk

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NZB Loading Filter Leaving Behind junk

Postby jimerb » Fri Mar 10, 2023 1:52 pm

I'm using 6.91B4 Build 5651

I'm noticing a bunch of "rift raft" being left on the unrar folder that didn't used to be there.

Mainly ".nfo" files.

My NZB Loading Filter has:

reject if filename contains [.]nfo
reject if subject contains [.]nfo

Yet the files still get left behind. I don't recall this happening in earlier versions.

What can I do?
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Re: NZB Loading Filter Leaving Behind junk

Postby Quade » Fri Mar 10, 2023 3:09 pm

You can try adding a "post unrar" filter to clean out the contents of the unrar. The question is where are the files coming from. If they're from inside the RARS, which is common these days, the NZB Filter won't kill them. Because they're not listed inside the NZB. NZB Filters only kill what's inside the NZB.
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