PC died, moved drives, Newsbin "almost" working

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PC died, moved drives, Newsbin "almost" working

Postby M1keF0rd » Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:54 pm

I was running I think 6.72 on a Win7 pro system until two weeks ago and boom, dead dead dead, won't post etc.

I started buy parts to fix it, ended up with a total new system running Win10 with a new SSD M.2 as the C, and moved two of my 3TB drives to the new PC, where they were assigned new letters and given modify priv.

I downloaded and installed 6.83 Newsbin pro, which decided it would be fresh and not an update. I "tried" to follow the instructions for "Move Newsbin to a new computer" and I am 99% sure everything was working "last night". Double clicked the desktop icon this morning and it couldn't find my data folder and failed to even start, ie no programatic way to change the path to the data folder, so I reinstalled, and set the data folder again. I found my reg key, and its now registered and seeing data folder, but doesn't see any of my three server accounts (which again 99% sure worked last night).

I've tried the use backup config file on restart, with zero good results, usually it loses the path to the data folder, I assume trying to use the old system drive letters, which I can't fix short of another reinstall. When I restart using the "use backup" option it is NOT clear to me where the 4 files (newsbin, newsbin, newsbin672, newsbin672), assuming its the show data folder folder, but if there is a right one, I haven't picked it yet.

BTW I would just enter the server info again, but in my misspent youth I ended up with six email accts and don't have access to all of them yet, recovering one application at a time.
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Re: PC died, moved drives, Newsbin "almost" working

Postby itimpi » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:05 pm

The Newsbin .nbi file that contains all its configuration information is simply a text file. When moving Newsbin to a new computer you can edit this to correct any paths that are different on the new computer. If you then start Newsbin by double-clicking this .nbi File you should be back up and running with all your settings intact.
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