windows 7 vs windows 10 download speed?

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windows 7 vs windows 10 download speed?

Postby videoed » Wed Aug 18, 2021 9:22 pm

I generally have no issues with Newsbin Pro. I am using v6.90812 Build 5396. I am slowly switching to windows 10 from Win 7 (PC can't handle Win11). I am running a dual boot system with both OS's on their own SSD and downloading to a common 2TB HD. My question is that when I download with Win7, I get consistent speeds of 65 to 75 Mbps From Newshosting servers. When I use Win 10, I am barely getting 40-45 Mbps. Are there some tweaks in Win10 to make it download faster. I am not using a VPN, only SSL. I have tried different connections on Newshosting but they do not seem to make much difference. My ISP speed is 75-80 Mbps and is fairly consistent.
Thanks for any help or info.
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