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Excellent NZB search engine?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2022 1:04 pm
by megalomando
I have been using NZBStars for a search engine for some time now but it seems to have disappeared. Aside of the excellent search options it offered, one of the things I appreciated greatly was it's inclusion of a needed password from whatever was posted there. Other sites like provide the NZB, but only when it's downloaded do you discover if the files are encrypted and if so, there is no password included.

I'm looking for another excellent search engine that also provides needed info like any necessary passwords.

Any suggestions?

Re: Excellent NZB search engine?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2022 4:48 pm
by Stan
There is
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Also, newsbinpro has its own online search and also can set up watch lists as well as ignore passworded files.
There are others as well just need to look. Many free will give some passworded results you just have to move on to one that's not passworded.
I also find the free ones return much garbage because of obfuscation.
The good sites you will have to pay like newsbinpro search and the other pay search sites include the password in the nzb most times.
Happy hunting.

Re: Excellent NZB search engine?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 9:57 am
by megalomando
Stan, thank you, I didn't know about this one. Aside from the minor issue of it being in Dutch which I don't speak, it works wonderfully.

I had found this similar site which is in English: But oddly, it contains an error with each of its NZB files which Newsbin does not ignore & I have to edit each NZB. For some reason I have to edit and remove the following from the top of the NZB text:

<br />
<b>Warning</b>: fileperms(): stat failed for /mnt/HC_Volume_4679705/ in <b>/mnt/HC_Volume_4679705/</b> on line <b>293</b><br />
<br />
<b>Warning</b>: fileowner(): stat failed for /mnt/HC_Volume_4679705/ in <b>/mnt/HC_Volume_4679705/</b> on line <b>294</b><br />
<br />
<b>Warning</b>: filegroup(): stat failed for /mnt/HC_Volume_4679705/ in <b>/mnt/HC_Volume_4679705/</b> on line <b>295</b><br />

Once this prefix is removed, the NZB is fine.

I'd forgotten Newsbin has an available search engine. If it also includes the needed passwords or finds the same without passwords, I'll be pleased to look into it, thanks for the reminder. Now I'll look to find where that info is located.

Thanks again!

Re: Excellent NZB search engine?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2022 7:40 pm
by SuperTech, NZBGeek or Drunkenslug. I use all 3, Drukenslug you probably will need to visit USENET on Reddit to see when it's open.